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TOPS eSport Community was two bigger clans that became one. We began as opponents but then met in the middle and became a growing community with more members.

TOPS started as:
TOP nordic battlegroup, a clan that have been with us for some years now. The CL Muller has been very active in this clan and they have been active with many players for many years. They also had a top esport team.

Skuugen, was a friends clan from the beggining and then started recruiting people from everywhere. They growed fast and they also climbed high in different leagues after a couple of months. The CL StenFrisk has been active since day one. Maybe havn't played alot but does many jobs besides gaming.

The name:
The name comes from TOP and Skuugen and then we become TOPS eSport Community. A community for everyone and every game.

Everyone is always welcome in our community.

BNL Team

Last matchs :

720 - 000
142 - 124
391 - 230
326 - 049
000 - 469