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Pakistan Fierce Eagles
Only Eagles Dare
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Team BNL
We play a range of games and offer places for competitive team players. Our clan is designed to be all about the community. We don't run DICTATORSHIP here.From Noobs to Pros there is a place for all.We plan on reaching out to a wider audience,international audience. The style and way of Gaming that we tend to have is par with the International Gaming Communities. In some cases, even better.

→Our Mission at Fierce Eagles Clan:
There's a lot more than just an idea, that helped in the inception of Fierce Eagles. There's hard work, dedication, and a brilliant team of gamers that know how to raise the standards of Pakistani Gaming Community and will do everything to make that one idea come true. It's not as easy as you'd think. As a matter of fact, it's never as easy. There's much more to the story than you'd imagine. It's not just a single night that went into creating Fierce Eagles. Countless nights went into making new, different and unique ways to establish a different kind of Gaming Clan in Pakistan. A Clan that has not been seen or heard of in the history of Pakistani Gaming Community. An Unprecedented way of thinking, you'd say.

We Play to Win. Strive for Success and Try to accomplish our goals without compromising on any of our rules and regulations or our policies. We try not to talk tall... We believe in Defeating the enemy with our skills.

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000 - 858
001 - 000
000 - 739