Battlefield 3

BFWars rated teams list

Rank Tag Name Points #Win #Draw #Lost Penalty Total Tkt avg
1 =SW42= Super Warriors 42 1053 14 (3) 0 7 1/0 22 +3473
2 [RAID] RA!D 1008 4 0 1 0/0 5 +1549
3 -AdN- Arche de Noé 998 1 0 10 1/0 12 -3356
4 [SSF] Swiss Special Forces 983 2 0 2 0/0 4 -609
5 [BT] Bisons Teints 969 5 0 8 2/0 15 -992

BFWars rate evolution

Warning : BFWars rate is informative and considers all matchs in its database, friendly as competitive.

Misc. stats

Shortest victory
Largest victory


Alborz Mountains
Alborz Mountains (Armored Kill)
Armored Shield
Armored Shield (Armored Kill)
Azadi Palace
Azadi Palace (Aftermath)
Bandar Desert
Bandar Desert (Armored Kill)
Caspian Border
Caspian Border
Damavand Peak
Damavand Peak
Death Valley
Death Valley (Armored Kill)
Donya Fortress
Donya Fortress (Close Quarters)
Epicenter (Aftermath)
Grand Bazaar
Grand Bazaar
Gulf of Oman
Gulf of Oman (Back To Karkand)
Kharg Island
Kharg Island
Kiasar Railroad
Kiasar Railroad (End Game)
Markaz Monolith
Markaz Monolith (Aftermath)
Nebandan Flats
Nebandan Flats (End Game)
Noshahr Canals
Noshahr Canals
Operation 925
Operation 925 (Close Quarters)
Operation Firestorm
Operation Firestorm
Operation Metro
Operation Metro
Operation Riverside
Operation Riverside (End Game)
Sabalan Pipeline
Sabalan Pipeline (End Game)
Scrapmetal (Close Quarters)
Seine Crossing
Seine Crossing
Sharqi Peninsula
Sharqi Peninsula (Back To Karkand)
Strike at Karkand
Strike at Karkand (Back To Karkand)
Talah Market
Talah Market (Aftermath)
Tehran Highway
Tehran Highway
Wake Island
Wake Island (Back To Karkand)
Ziba Tower
Ziba Tower (Close Quarters)