What's the ATF and BFWars


ATF, for formerly French-speaking Teams Association, has been created in 2004 by Battlefield 1942 - DesertCombat teams for teams themselves.
It's goal is to help them meeting each others, debating about better rules for a more fair-play game (baserape forbid by example), evaluating teams to make a fair-team-book, helping the teams for all administrative sides like finding a new server, configurating it, recruting players, hosting the team's website or teamspeak for a time ..
Now it takes place on our common game Battlefield 4 on PC support.
By the past years, its strong teams community has grown up, leading them to help each other, promote fair-play in game, creating sparing partners and rise their skills.
Today, ATF is always a teams conglomerate, opened to every nations, which is led up by teams themselves by their help, their community projects, and their esports passion on the fields.


For this, ATF, as a non-profit community, creates some events, like esport-cups and pickups to make players play with each others, to make them meet and discuss about the game, skills and rules.
Its structure has been designed to provide best services to teams :
  • Website and forums,
  • News publishing about E-sport, team's and organisation's interests,
  • Teams' delegates meetings,
  • Lend of a Teamspeak to plan matchs
  • Challenge unit BFWars for teams,
  • Fair-play rules suggestion for 8vs8 conquest matchs
  • Team book,
  • Match referencing to know what's happening on the international fields,
  • Pickups (game where many teams are shuffled) organisation unit,
  • Cups, ladders ...
All services provided by the ATF are 100% free and volunteer. The staff is composed by only volunteers, website is financed by personnal funds of the owner, and website is totaly independant from market-entities, without any ads or ad-profit in any form. All few mentions about trademark is fully objective and without any back-vector from the trademark owner. The only objective of ATF is to serve teams and fair-play.

So has been created BFWars which is a fully automated unit oriented to meet teams :
  • Team book and teams referencing,
  • Challenges sender between teams for PCW, ATF's Ladder or Cup. Choose your mode, map and date, BFWars do the rest, including remind your members,
  • Matchs reporting for every situation (cup, league, PCW ...). Let us know what's your playing,
  • Teams level prediction (BFWars cotation). Your results are anaylised and give you a level,
  • Teams suggestions to meet judging from your BFWars cotation,
  • News covering of the Conquest 8vs8 scene ...


Since it has been created, ATF has organised tournaments which has all been strongly guided by fair-play, competition for all, and a good and sport spirit in all case. By the way, each tournament has been ran as the teams which has lost their matchs, can run the tournament in a secondary cup of its level.
  • 2004 - ATF Cup - DesertCombat : 1er FTD ; 2nd SSF ; 3ème SW42
  • 2005 - ATF Cup 2 - DesertCombat : 1er SW42 ; 2nd CDD ; 3ème IF
    • ATF Cup 2 Silver : 1er FDSM ; 2nd DFC
    • ATF Cup 2 Bronze : 1er da° ; 2nd FDK
  • 2005 - ATF Exotic Cup (championship) : DesertCombat: 1er IF ; 2nd CDD ; 3ème da°
  • 2006 - ATF Cup 3 - Battlefield 2 : 1er aAa (CDD) ; 2nd JAG ; 3ème dwa
    • ATF Cup 3 Silver : 1er ; 2nd SOE ; 3ème PIX
  • 2007 - ATF DCon Cup - DesertConflict : 1er SW42 ; 2nd FDSM ; 3ème FRA
  • 2014 - ATF Cup 4 - Battlefield 4 (PC) : 1er VIP ; 2nd XTS ; 3ème oC
  • 2014 - ATF Cup PS4 - Battlefield 4 (PS4) : 1er SoS ; 2nd UTP ; 3ème TTB
In 2006 for ClanBase Nations Cup IX, ATF leads BF2 Team France BF2 thanks to many voluntary teams and ands qualifying matchs in group B on 4th/7 position facing teams as Finland, Norway and Netherlands.

In 2007, DesertCombat nostalgic players of many ATF's teams constituted ATF Team on ESL.de and sign up to DesertCombat Revival Cup facing teams as HFD, rG, uG.dc, HEER...

ATF led to create a community of linked players, made concrete by many inter-teams projects rarely seen. Be part of the ATF has made profit of many teams (and their members) by giving them activity, life, beeing covered by media, and be advised to their grow up.


You wish to present us, or display us on your supports, so you will find on this page our logos.