VIP wins ATF Cup 4

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After one month of tenacious battles, here they are, 1st of all of 16th teams in the cup, the danish boys of Image VIP Gaming !
Final players too, who has given us great and brave final match, the Image eXerTuS, international team with lot of accents, comes second in the cup.
Finally, on the third place, the italian guys of Image octavia Centurion, ends the cup before the frenchies of the Delta Force.

We really want to thank you all, teams, every players for your fair-play, your rallying, and your help during the whole tournament. We wish you all good holidays and to see you soon ! :thumbsup:
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ATF Cup 4 : Grande final !

English News - LittleLama
ATF Cup 4 Grande final is coming !

It will be played tomorrow, monday july the 7th 9:00 PM CEST between VIP and XTS.
You will all be able to follow it on Twitch :
Match for the third place will be played between oC and DF wednesday.

We would like to thank you all, participants, players, teams, casters, followers of ATF Cup 4. We hope you enjoyed this time with us, and that the cup provides you lot of pleasure, good game, and that is made you meet new opponents and made you discover new horizons.

We wish you all an excellent summer and happy holidays !
ATF and its ladder stay still there for you all summer long to schedule matchs on Conquest mode Normal or Hardcore with their 31 challengeable teams.

See you soon on the fields.

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ATF's Ladder : IT'S A WRAP !

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Tonight will take place the ATF BF4 ladder match in 8vs8 Conquest mode which opposing AdN (Arche de Noe) to SW42 (Super Warriors 42).
For the second time, the match will be filmed, streamed AND commented (in french unfortunately).
You will be so escorted by our speakers voices Obiizor and St0nemason, fully vocalized and the dictionnary in the pocket to make you feel the tonight's battle.

[Edit: Get the full match movie in the full article (Read more ...)]

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