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The season might be over Tashaun Gipson Jersey , but the Texans’ time is now."This is the beginning of a golden era of Texans football. That may seem like a hyperbolic statement, considering the team is by no means perfect and has shown off flaws with a consistency that many would consider to be the hallmarks of a bad football team. Yet, despite all of this, the Texans may be (if they are not already ) in what can only be described as a ‘‘championship window’’. It’s a time period that is often times fleeting and brief for any team that isn’t the Patriots. This window is a culmination of various factors coalescing together to form what might be the most talented team in the history of the franchise. Players such as DeAndre Hopkins and Jadeveon Clowney are hitting their primes, which makes them among the best at their position. A defense that is elite at a key facet of the game.Perhaps most importantly of all, the emergence of Deshaun Watson. We’ve waxed lyrical and poetic about Watson various times around this blog, to the point one might mistake him for something of a minor deity capable of feats few could imagine from a quarterback wearing a Texans’ jersey. These factors, and Watson’s emergence in particular, are shaping the potential opening of the Texans ‘‘championship window’’. In a league that revolves around attempting to maximize the productivity of players against a salary cap, the young quarterback on a rookie contract is Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. The most important position in football is often times the most expensive. The toll it takes on team’s ability to shape and mold a quality roster around the QB is a difficult task at the best of times. The mathematics are quite simple. If you have a good young quarterback on a rookie deal Zach Fulton Jersey , you have the cap flexibility to invest on the various other elements of the team that are lacking, thanks to not having to devote $25 million or more to a quarterback’s yearly contract. As soon as the quarterback’s rookie contract runs out and he needs to be extended, the amount of resources available to a team to build and maintain a roster drastically diminishes. That isn’t just for free agent acquisitions either. The room for error with draft picks is larger when there’s a quality QB under a smaller contract.When you have to pay that quarterback, the limited cap space available stops you from being able to address issues in free agency. The team becomes much more reliant on rookies to fill key positions.This idea has historical support. Both of Seattle’s Super Bowl appearances in the past decade occurred with Russell Wilson under his rookie contract. Carson Wentz (kind of), Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick were all starting quarterbacks for teams who went to the Super Bowl, and all of those QBs were or still are on their rookie contracts. It was easier for the Seahawks, Eagles, Ravens, and 49ers to invest in stud defenses when they didn’t have to dedicate a huge chunk of their cap to one player.This is where the Texans are right now. Being in this window means the Texans should be pouring their assets into everything around Watson while they still can. This means doing things like re-signing Jadeveon Clowney because you have no idea when windows like these are going to open again. The Texans should realize the urgency of their current situation. These are the best conditions for a Texans’ title run since the Gary Kubiak led teams in 2011-12.Even then, where the Texans are now is probably better.The upcoming Texans’ offseason has to be framed within these parameters. Every decision Senio Kelemete Jersey , every draft pick, and every free agent signing will be judged by how it’s going to affect the Texans’ championship window. The clock is ticking.This window won’t be open forever. The Denver Broncos didn't bring cornerback Jamar Taylor and wide receiver Andre Holmes on board this week just to fill in at practice."They're both dressing" Sunday at San Francisco, coach Vance Joseph said. "You're going to see Andre out there playing (special) teams and playing on the offense. Jamar is going to be our fourth corner this week."With cornerback Chris Harris Jr . (fractured fibula) and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders (ruptured Achilles tendon) becoming the fifth and sixth opening-day starters to suffer major injuries, the Broncos become even more reliant on their strong rookie class 鈥?and the two newcomers who are scrambling to decipher Denver's playbook.It helps that both have a history of working with the Broncos' coaches."I've still got things to learn," said Holmes, who is tapping into his time working with Broncos offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave in Oakland two years ago. "There are some things I remember, but I'm two years removed from his offense."Taylor is a sixth-year pro who has played in 74 career games spanning stops in Miami 鈥?where Joseph was an assistant coach 鈥?Cleveland and Arizona. But this marks the first time he's switched teams midseason."It's a little rough, you know, because you come in and you learn the playbook. You have to catch up right now," Taylor said. "Luckily Seantrel Henderson Jersey , I have some of the same play-calling in Miami, so it's not too bad. But it's a lot of late nights."The Broncos (6-6) have won three consecutive games for the first time under their second-year head coach, but the rash of injuries at key positions threatens to derail their playoff push.Losing longtime teammates Harris and Sanders in a 72-hour stretch hit fellow veterans hard."I'm still trying to get over the 88 trade," Von Miller said of seeing Demaryius Thomas join the Houston Texans six week ago. "Now we've got 10 and 25. It's different. It's really different. But it's the pros. I hate to say it, but it's the pros and it's part of the game."Now the Broncos have to lean even more on rookies Phillip Lindsay, Courtland Sutton, Bradley Chubb and Josey Jewell while carving out bigger roles for rookies Isaac Yiadom at cornerback and DaeSean Hamilton at wide receiver."We're just inserting E. and the train moves on," Joseph said Friday.With Hamilton starting along with Sutton, six rookies are slated to start for the Broncos on Sunday 鈥?seven, if you include their punter."We have great confidence in our young class and they have confidence Max Scharping Houston Texans Jersey ," Joseph said. "They're smart, they're tough and they'll play good football for us."Joseph also trusts his newcomers will get up to speed quickly."They're fine," Joseph said. "They're both pros. I had Jamar in Miami and Andre was with Billy for two years in Oakland. We're lucky to have those two guys that have played for us, that are healthy and are veteran players. We have no problem with those guys playing for us on Sunday."PUNTER'S PROGRESSColby Wadman is another rookie making his mark in Denver this season. He's received game balls in the last two weeks for his superb performances against Pittsburgh and Cincinnati."Last week was special because of the wind," Joseph said. "It was blowing out there and in that kind of game to help us flip the field multiple times, that was crucial in helping us win."Special teams coach Tom McMahon discovered Wadman in 2017 while he was the Colts' special teams coordinator. On his way to work out Rigo Sanchez in Chico, California, he stopped by Davis, California, to work out Wadman."I came back and I said Max Scharping Jersey 2019 , 'These two guys are dead even,'" McMahon said. "We brought them both to minicamp and they finished minicamp dead even."Wadman, however, doesn't kick off and with kicker Adam Vinatieri no longer handling kickoffs at age 45, the Colts punting job went to Sanchez.When Marquette King struggled early on in Denver this season, McMahon suggested the Broncos bring in Wadman because of his strong leg and good hang time, remembering that when he worked him out last year, "it was one of those days where the wind was blowing all over the place and it didn't affect him at all."Just like last week when the played the Bengals.

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