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strong start has been mirrored by hi

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DENVER -- Matt Duchenes strong start has been mirrored by his team. Duchene scored two goals and had an assist, helping the Colorado Avalanche beat the Carolina Hurricanes 4-2 on Friday night to match the best 10-game start in team history. "Its special, going from where weve gone the last year," Duchene said, recalling the Avalanches 15th-place finish in the Western Conference last season. "It feels great to be 9-1, the best team in the league. "But you cant be satisfied. We know how fast that can turn. Weve been there before early in seasons and really slowed down going down the stretch. So weve got to keep on moving the way we are." Erik Johnson and Alex Tanguay also scored for the Avalanche, who topped Carolina at home for the ninth straight time. Semyon Varlamov made 28 saves in the win. "I think its a new attitude," said forward Paul Stastny, crediting much of the turnaround to the influence of first-year coach Patrick Roy. "Obviously, weve had the goaltending and we have a lot of depth. I think were all playing together and sacrificing for each other. "Were doing the little things right, and you do that over the course of 60 minutes, over the course of a season, and the puck is going to bounce your way." Carolina, which got goals from Drayson Bowman and Andrej Sekera, came into the game scrambling at the goalie position. Justin Peters, recalled from Charlotte of the AHL earlier this month, made his first start of the season because of injuries to the Hurricanes top two goalies and stopped 30 shots. "Hes battling in there," Hurricanes coach Kirk Muller said. "A couple of those plays were odd-number situations, two on one. Guys losing their assignments put him in a vulnerable spot." Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward left Thursdays game at Minnesota in the first period with a lower-body injury, and Anton Khudobin has missed five games, also with a lower-body injury that has landed him on the injured list. Carolina recalled Mike Murphy from Charlotte on an emergency basis as an additional backup before the game. The Avalanche were on the power play when Duchene wristed a shot from between the circles into the net for his second goal of the night and his team-high eighth overall. That gave Colorado a 4-1 lead 36 seconds into the third. Carolina fought back with a goal by Sekera at 2:40. The Hurricanes had a chance to get even closer when they were on the power play midway through the period, but were turned away by Varlamov, who made consecutive saves. He stopped a shot from point-blank range by Alexander Semin. Colorado pressured the Hurricanes in their zone from the outset, taking a 2-0 lead while putting up 18 shots to Carolinas eight in the first period. "They came out ready to play," Peters said. "We knew they were going to come out ready. They have a great atmosphere here and have a great record at home. They had some chances, got some bounces there. Theyre real quick. All their guys can skate real well. Theyre fast, theyre hungry. They really battle hard on pucks as a team. When you have that skill level and confidence, it goes a long way." Johnson finished a 3-on-2 rush at 11:30 of the first by knocking the puck off his skate past Peters. Duchene scored his team-leading seventh goal of the season six minutes later, coming around the back of the net and wristing a shot that trickled in off Peters right leg. Carolina pulled within 2-1 when Bowman, off a centring pass from Jordan Staal, one-timed a shot from the right circle that got past Varlamov. But the Avalanche regained a two-goal advantage at 10:11 of the second. Duchene sent a pass toward the slot where the streaking Tanguay picked it up and wristed it into the net for his third goal. NOTES: Carolinas Radek Dvorak didnt return after leaving the game in the second period with a lower-body injury. ... Carolinas Tim Gleason played in his 600th NHL game. ... The Avs, who matched their best 10-game start, play six of their next seven at home. ... Carolina last won a game at Colorado in 1996 when they were the Hartford Whalers. Cheap Adidas Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys . Yahoo! Sports columnist Marc Spears says that the Boogie Smooth album may have been an elaborate April Fools prank. Authentic Scott Laughton Jersey . This time, it was Eric Chavezs turn. Stuck in a rut since coming off the disabled list, Chavez hit the first pitch he saw in the ninth inning for a run-scoring single, sending the Diamondbacks to another walk-off victory, 4-3 over the San Francisco Giants on Saturday night. http://www.cheapflyersjerseysauthentic. ... eal-jersey. The 23-year-old Poland international is back as first choice at Arsenal after losing his regular spot in the team on occasions over the last three seasons. Authentic Jakub Voracek Jersey . Following the Ford Womens World Curling Championship gold medal match that attracted record-breaking audiences to TSN, the networks exclusive live coverage of the tournament begins Saturday at 7am et/4am pt with Canadas opening draw against Denmark. Authentic Dave Schultz Jersey . "Canada," Bolland said with a smile. "Is that a question?" One day earlier, though, fellow Toronto Maple Leafs centre Nazem Kadri wasnt so sure his home and native land could pull off the win against the United States in the semi-finals of the Olympic hockey tournament.After the Sebastian Giovinco press conference ended, I sat at the top table with Toronto FC head coach Greg Vanney. Yet this was no ordinary chat. It was men playing with toys. Out came the Subbuteo players, two teams on a fantasy field and away we went talking about tactics, formations and much more. Vanney, of course, was given the red team. Kristian Jack: Greg, you mentioned in the press conference you see Giovinco more centrally as a playmaker linking the central midfield with the forward. Is there a thought that you could play him more out wide in a front three? Greg Vanney: He could, yes, if we find a scenario where there isnt enough space. KJ: Thats my concern and why I brought it up. If someone plays a double pivot and they squeeze the space for him, you need him operating in space, surely? So maybe he could play further wide in a front three, like Alexis Sanchez, for example, at Arsenal? GV: Absolutely we could do that; take him out where there is more space on the field. It is very hard to man mark a player when he comes to the outside of the field so as we recognize a teams approach, if they look to man mark him then or crowd a space then, he comes out from the middle and the assignments become very unclear for the opposition, he could drift out and we could slide other pieces in. The objective is to get him the ball as much as possible when he is facing forward and going at the backline. I think he is as special an attacking midfielder as there has ever been in this league. He has a great combination of being able to set other people up but also create his own chance and thats invaluable in this league. We were looking for a number ten and I think he is a great hybrid of a number ten and a nine and a half where he can actually finish; he isnt just a setup guy. I am really excited in how these pieces are all coming together and also excited about the ones we are pursuing that we will add to our roster. Greg Vanney/Les Jones KJ: Lets get into some of the pieces you have now. I want to talk about Michael Bradleys role. We all know what happened last year under Jürgen. Sometimes too much of this. (At this stage I pick up Bradley from a central position, move him forward and turn his back to the attacking goal. Vanney nods his head). In a midfield three, do you always see him as a six, or an eight as well? GV: Six or an eight. I dont see him as a ten. KJ: So even before Giovinco arrives, Michael could play as often as a number eight (man centrally on the table ahead of the deepest midfielder) than a six? GV: Yes, we need to make sure who plays this role (pointing to the six), whether it is a guy we currently have, that they are complimentary pieces. The way our system will work is that it will free up either one of these guys at the right opportunity to go forward and when that happens, there needs to be discipline from the other one to stay. There has to be balance, we dont want to limit Michael from recognizing the opportunity to go forward and be a key factor but we also know that he can also really help us to create plays from that deeper position. But then what I think is his special quality is when he says I see a gap and I am going to drive for the gap and get involved in the attack and he needs the freedom to do that and we will cover him in behind. KJ: So what you are saying is if there is a collective balance and the team is playing well, he can be both a six and an eight? GV: Yes, thats part of the complimentary pieces of that midfield. Part of what I think happened last season is that we had such a short amount of time when I joined them and we tended to stay with what we had and in a shape where he was protecting us a little more and I think now as we evolve as a team and have more time in our system, I think he will, and we have talked through this, now have the confidence to go forward and well know who is responsible for covering that space instead of him feeling like he had to do that all the time to protect the defence. KJ: To the other DP. Jozy Altidore. How important is it, regardless of the system, to have strikers who can combine and play off others and am I right in saying that needed to be addressed this offseason with this team? GV: Yes, absolutely. They need to be complimentary pieces. Jozy is a big strong guy who can do a lot of different things; he can hold up the ball, get in behind, he can combine and I think he has been the most successful when the ball has been on the deck and he can combine with people, so having somebody who can understand that type of game and play off him is important. I think last year our two best forwards didnt combine well and it is no secret that they didnt love playing together so now finding guys that are complimentary to each other in the attacking third is critical to breaking down defences. KJ: In most of the games you took charge of last season, you played with two up front, mainly because of the cards you were dealt but Houston home, New York away, for examples, you asked a wide left midfielder to come in centrally to compensate. How vital is that in a 4-4-2? GV: There has to be some collaboration on the field in terms of who is getting into the gaps but you have to have players who are capable playing between the oppositions back line and midfield line where the pockets open up. A lot of times, when you have a player like Jozy, who can threaten the space in behind, defending groups will drop off to prevent you from getting in behind their backline, which is your objective because it is the clearest path to goal, so teams tend to drop off quickly but dont expose the space behind so then you have to play between the lines. So we needed guys who are comfortable in that, where they could receive the ball and face forward and then put the oppositions defence in crisis and make them make decisioons.dddddddddddd For us that works, at times, with a wide guy coming off who can receive on a half turn, face forward and combine off the strikers and that was something we looked at last year. The other option is with strikers and with two you can stack them where one can press high and one can play underneath and in the gap created by the high striker. The concept is you want to get into spaces between lines, facing forward and put the backline into some sort of decision-making crisis where somebody has to step out of line to close the ball, which then creates gaps for you to get into. Near the end of the year, we went to three in the middle, at times, to create an imbalance. KJ: With the 4-3-3, it often drops into a 4-1-4-1 without the ball, I know you like that system so talk to me about solving issues around that system. How do you stop your deepest midfielder being isolated where runs from deep positions can overload him centrally and from wide areas? GV: The shape of the midfield, in a 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1, is situational and whats important is that players understand what shape you are in in any given situation. If you are against a transition and really pressing high, if you are ahead of the ball, its really difficult to press so you want to make sure you keep your shape behind the attack so if the ball turns over, players can then step from a position where they are protecting the goal but are also able to keep the ball in a smaller area where numbers can start to get around them. When we get into the attacking area, the shape alters when in possession, so we can swing the ball side-to-side to open up gaps, but also if the ball transitions, then you can step up and try and lock it in but if it transitions and you have too many numbers high, then you cant close the gap. At this stage Vanney talks at length to the table, moving three players in a triangle around often in the central zone about who should cover and recognize in certain areas. We discuss at length the role of full backs in transition and whether to track underlapping runs and what to do if up against a front man or strike partnership. As he moves the players around, you can hear the passion in his voice about defending transitions and why its vital for Toronto FC going forward. Its no secret last season it wasnt too much of a problem because they couldnt spend enough time dictating play in the final third. KJ: When you played last season and you got really deep defensively as a unit, when a team presses you, do you need a wing player high to stretch? GV: Yes, yes. Important. When we were looking to play out the back and set up our plays going forward, we are constantly looking to create situations where we have a number advantage. Ideally, we want to create 2vs1 in various points of the field. We have certain cues, as a team depending if they are pressing as two, or one, where is the next line of pressure coming from? Is it coming from a winger, central player, so then we can shift and use those gaps. We have our baseline for how we play out but really its also dictated on how the opposition is pressing us and that shifts us into our cues so then this guy should be able to shift into space. The opposition will always want to keep plus one at the back so if they do that, then we should always be plus one in our half so we just need to be able to shift the ball accordingly depending on where the pressure is coming from. KJ: I want to ask you about the clubs identity. People talk about Barcelona and how all the teams play a style. Marcelo Bielsa brought the 3-1-3-3 to Chiles domestic league by playing it with the national team. Do you look long-term and want to be the guy who starts something here that has all the teams, at different levels at Toronto FC, playing the same way and, if so, is it a hybrid of 4-3-3? GV: First of all, yes we want a system that goes from our top team to our young players. It gives an opportunity to our young players to come through and make a difference in the first team because its such a jump to go from the academy to a pro team and move into an improvisational system where there isnt any clarity is a big jump for a player. But if you come in and you say to them this is your role, here are the five things you have to do, then its an easier process and then they learn as they adapt and get their feet wet. That, to me, makes the most sense. In terms of how we want to play could vary but our principles of play will remain the same. We want to be in possession, dictate the game in possession, move the opposition into their half of the field. If we win the ball in moments, while the opposition is in crisis, then we want to attack quickly, get them while they are out of shape and get to goal. My opinion is counter-attacking is an opportunity, not something we want to be doing every single time. We want to be able to play both in possession and then recognize moments to hit opposition on the counter. Out of possession, by pushing teams into their own half, we want to be aggressive in getting the ball back quickly. If you have numbers in the opposing half, it makes sense to take those numbers and put pressure on the ball. Again, if you cant, in the moments the opposition has secured the ball and have time on it, we cant then press in those moments, we need to regain our shape, reorganize and have a collective understanding of where we want the opposition to play, and think where do we want to force them to try to recover the ball again? and start the process again. Starting processes is nothing new in Toronto FC land. Yet as we pack up our toys, Greg Vanney is still smiling. Im ready to prepare this team and I hope this offseason will never be this long again, he says. There is no question Vanney has put many of those spare hours into thinking just how his team will look in 2015. cheap falcons jerseys cheap ravens jerseys cheap bills jerseys cheap bears jerseys cheap bengals jerseys cheap cowboys jerseys cheap lions jerseys cheap texans jerseys cheap colts jerseys cheap jaguars jerseys cheap chiefs jerseys cheap rams jerseys cheap dolphins jerseys cheap vikings jerseys cheap saints jerseys cheap giants jerseys cheap jets jerseys cheap eagles jerseys cheap steelers jerseys cheap 49ers jerseys ' ' '

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