My mother has

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My mother has

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My mother has been away from us for eight years. I want to talk to my mother. I haven��t opened my mouth yet. The tears are already flowing. When I have memories, I will see you sitting at the bottom of the bed at night, as if there is a shoe sole. At that time, the mother went to work during the day, went to work as a laundry and did housework. She could only wear shoes worn by the whole family at night and sew the clothes worn by the whole family. When I was very young, I knew how to help my mother do housework. In the middle school, the teacher asked us to eat the bitter meal. A group of students brought the bean curd residue to my house. The mother used onion ginger oil and salt to fry a large pot of bean curd. At that time, we I didn��t eat the effect of reminiscing the bitter rice, but I ate the scent of the bean curd. The careful mother observed that the ten mothers who eat the tofu residue are the most loved people in the world. I was released in 1975. You made a good shirt in the tailor shop. I only gave it to me in one season. I looked at the blue plaid shirt on white, full of joy. I felt very glorious when I put it on, but it was not fine. I want to give you the only good one of your clothes. In the winter of 1983, I went to the Huaihe River for analysis with my colleagues. The toes were frozen and the blood was stuck to the socks. When I got dry, I couldn��t get rid of it. When I got home, you helped me with the water. After taking off my socks, wash my feet with warm water, let me go to bed and cover the cotton quilt warmly, you have made a hot meal in front of me, I feel very warm. My mother is a very capable person. When I built a house at that time, in order to save money, I went to buy mud, sand, lime and all building materials. When the materials were delivered, you personally inspected the goods, and made an abacus, three times. Five or two, even if the account is paid, young people are better than you. In order to build a house, you can get up early and go to bed at noon. I really admire your energy and strength Super Cheap Cigarette. Mother has the habit of learning words Newport Cartons For Sale, people who are almost eighty years old Marlboro Regular Cigarettes, still insist on copying books or copying the little knowledge on the calendar. Sometimes you write in chalk, write the words on the concrete floor in the yard, and ask questions you don��t know. I, in your opinion, what I told you is correct. Mother, do you still remember the scene of the swallow's full house flying? It was the season of spring and spring in 2006. A pair of swallows flew in the yard, and two swallows flew under the spacious eaves on the first floor of the yard. Engage the mud to build a nest. The nest is very elegant, like a small piece of art, the swallows hatch two nests of small swallows, how much joy to our family, the swallows have been building four bird's nests upstairs and downstairs. In the late autumn of 2009, you are ill. You have not lived in hospital for a lifetime because you are sick. This time you lived in two hospitals. You have an incurable disease that you don��t know. It��s like a blow to the blue sky. Everyone was killed. When you were hospitalized for the first time in November, I could still guard your bed day and night. When you were hospitalized in the second year, my son��s marriage was coming soon. My mother worried that she would not hit the child��s wedding. When the mother needs you the most, I have no skills to serve, and I can��t serve you. The main energy is to prepare for the preparation of the son's wedding Newport Carton Cigarettes. Thanks to my brother and sister, my sister and sister stayed at the mother's bed day and night. I fell deeply guilty. I often came to my mother at night, watching my mother, I was so sad. Someone said, how are you so tired, all of them are embarrassed, yes, my son��s wedding is approaching, my mother is in danger, how can I feel embarrassed? Do I really want to be an eternal sinner? Mother, please give me some time. Let me stay with you, even if it is one month, half a month, one week before the day of my son's wedding, my sister told you that tomorrow is the day when your grandson is overjoyed, and the Chinese wedding is a hijab. The mother listened very happy, and the spirit was much better. A few days ago, the mother couldn��t speak very much. At this time, the mother said hard, go, swear. The younger sister laughed; do you want to go to the wedding scene? The mother smiled too, only to see the mother forcefully: take a red cloth and watch. The whole family understands that the meal of the mother at noon has also increased. The wedding of Xiao was held as scheduled. The next day, my husband and I came to the mother with my son and daughter-in-law, and the son-in-law replaced the bride and groom's Chinese wedding dress. The hijab looked at the mother. When the mother looked at it, she slept tiredly. After that, the mother��s condition was not as good as one day. I understand that the mother is trying to support this time and win the time for your grandson��s wedding. Your daughter, I don't owe my son a lively wedding to win time. During my mother's last eight days, I can wait around my mother wholeheartedly, which also makes my heart settle. There is another meaning to the mother's support, that is, to win time for her wedding in the Lushan prostitute (my cousin), let my aunt securely marry the woman until the eighth day after the wedding, that is, me On the night when my cousin returned to the door three days after the wedding, my mother left us peacefully... Mother, you have finished your life with your son and daughter-in-law and two daughters and daughter-in-law Cheap Cigarettes Usa Free Shipping. The mother always thinks about the family, your My God is wonderful, let me sigh: the mother of the world is a great mother! You have worked hard all your life, your kindness, wisdom, strength and ability, your daughter admires, my daughter is not, my daughter has only one heart that always loves you, the old mother bought it before her lifetime. After a painting, the picture is three fat dolls. We can see the mother's mind and want to see your fourth generation, but this is an urgent matter. Now comforting the mother: You have two fourth generations, one is your granddaughter's daughter, called Qin Yihan, four months around, going to kindergarten, snow and ice, IQ, high intelligence, white skin, eyebrows, more than your granddaughter Come back beautiful. The second is your grandson's daughter (my granddaughter), called Yu Yan, six weeks and nine months, first grade primary school. Rain is too late to be beautiful, but also okay, looks like a whistle, facial features, lively waves, like to sing and dance painting, and understand politeness and benevolence. Two little gimmicks are the ones who can talk. Do you like it? You must like it.

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