s obsessed with it

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s obsessed with it

Messagepar ylq » Lun 15 Avr 2019, 7:57 am

s obsessed with it. Just as a pair of people who are in love, the more you say no, the more they have to be together; just as a drug addict, it is not easy to stop. I found that, reasoning, he will never listen. Only when he wakes himself up will he turn back. I also found that he wanted to get more benefits through resale. The result was that he had spent his savings and borrowed foreign debts Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes. Both daughters have a good job, they have already become a family, and the economic conditions are very good, but he wants to give more money to his grandson. His wife was very angry with his behavior and said that he was not doing business. His daughter resolutely opposed his actions and thoughts and advised him to spend his old age Newport Cigarette Cartons. Buying and buying, buying the ancient years, the house is full of Dangdang, but no one who was bought by other people to entrust the "healing and saving people" to me Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa, I am naturally obliged. One day, Teacher Zhu called and asked me to borrow two thousand yuan of working capital for one month. I readily agreed and told him to come on Sunday. Because I am alone at home on Sunday, I have to say something. After all, he is very old. He loves his face. He is coming with his great grandson. It seems that he is playing a little smart at home. We talked about some family and work, and slowly talked about the topic of collection Buy Newport Online. My old watch, collecting antiques and antiques, only cheated some people, did not make money, but broke the character. "I said. Do, unlike me, I am a real guy." He, I am still a little judged. I am very innocent, but the opportunity has not come yet. "A person who pursues spiritual wealth has turned to material wealth. I feel that I am carrying a heavy burden on a rugged mountain road, and I have to take a break and go. For an old man, I am very stubborn. I can only stop here. I used the ribs hot pot to entertain their grandparents. His grandson was picky, but he ate two bowls of rice, which made him very happy. He said: "My 'welcome' has never been added. I ate a second bowl today. I didn't expect your hot pot to be delicious!" Maybe it's happy, I finished drinking a bottle of 52-degree wine with him Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online. In the month, he called me and said that I had a big event, please help me. A big busy: loan 20,000, please guarantee me. The big business is a female boss in Wuhan, surnamed Liu, to buy his "anti-war emblem treasure." However, this boss must come with Director Wu. Introduction, Mr. Zhu bought a lot of goods, of which the most valuable for the War of Resistance against the War, it took a lot of effort to buy from others, 180,000. This baby's free identification book is good for Wu Jingshou. On the day of June, Wu called Mr. Zhu and said: "Zhu boss, the boss of Liu in Wuhan wants to buy your anti-Japanese war treasure, out of 880,000, I wonder if you sell or not?" The purchase price, to earn hundreds of thousands, immediately agreed, and said to Wu: "Can you ask Liu Boss to come to Xingshan to get the goods?" "Make money to buy and sell, to Wuhan to pay a trip fee?" Wu said, " When I arrived in Wuhan, listening to her intentions for a few days, Wu called from Wuhan to Mr. Zhu and said: "Zhu boss, I have Wuhan, please send your things down. I only have two days. "Zhu teacher a happy jump thirty feet high, the next day 20:00 arrived in Wuhan, after registering in a hotel Contact Wu. Wu said: "Great! You are very hard, sleep well tonight, we will take care of you tomorrow. Bye!" I will make so many banknotes soon, there will be so much money on the card, will it be on the road? Insecure? Teacher Zhu was nervous. Where is it still sleeping? This is an unforgettable night of his life. It was quiet in the morning, no movement at noon, and finally received a call from Liu Bo in the afternoon. However, it is bad news. Liu told Mr. Zhu that Wu was happy last night and stayed up late with her. At 11:30, when she drove back to the hotel, she was caught by the traffic police. She was fined, and she received a driver's license. The car was in my car. I took the car back in the morning. __Zhu teacher feels that it is not easy to take the next trip to Wuhan. Please ask Liu Boss to see the goods. But Liu did not agree, saying that there is no Wu expert, she is afraid to buy fakes. Teacher Zhu said that Wu��s identification book is absolutely genuine. Liu told him that the appraisal book was unreliable. Only the director Wu��s face-to-face test was true. She dared to buy it. They were deceiving Zhu��s partner. After the teacher came back from Wuhan, the thrill of making a big stroke is only a step away. On September 10, Wu called from Shenzhen and said: "Zhu boss, happy holidays! Liu boss asked me to help her buy a G20 financial jasper, out of 50,000, you can get one, 20,000 can get it. Over ten First, I came to Xingshan with Boss Liu and focused on making the War of Resistance against the War. This time, I must do a good job.�� Under the guidance of Wu, Mr. Zhu looked for the East and finally found out the baby. No money at hand, only loans.

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