This was not what San Francisco 49ers head coach

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This was not what San Francisco 49ers head coach

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Mike Shanahan had intended for his team or his offense. He had plans to build on his read-option offense Cooper Kupp Jersey Elite , led by starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Prior to the season’s start, the San Francisco head coach was asked if defenses would figure out his read-option, especially after watching Garoppolo’s five starts in the 2017 season. “There isn’t anything to figure out,” Shanahan said during the July 2018 press conference. “It’s a very sound scheme.” It is a sound scheme, so long as the offense has a quarterback who can make the passes that open up against defenses trying to stop the read-topn. Not to mention that quarterback also has to be good enough to run with the football. ”It’s tough to find that guy,” Shanahan said. “And if you don’t protect him right, if you don’t do the right stuff Aaron Donald Jersey Elite , it is tough to stay healthy.” That guy, being Jimmy Garoppolo, tore his ACL in the third week of the season. Getting a biteThe 49ers offense doesn’t have the full power of a Garoppolo-led offense. But it’s been able to move the ball with deception. Take this play against the Bears, for example.San Francisco lines up in the base 21-personnel while the Bears have seven men in the box. Up until this point, San Francisco had been moving the ball primarily through the running game (Nick Mullens was 4-for-8 with 24 yards leading up to this play). Off the snap, Mullens drops back for a pass while the fullback and running back fake a run to left, which draws in the linebackers. This allows Dante Pettis space for his slant route. By the time the linebackers realize it’s a pass Authentic Todd Gurley Jersey , Pettis is open for the catch which becomes a 13-yard gain. This deception also works with play-action passes and the run game. The play-action pass was one of the more notable options for the offense during Gorroppolo’s first season with San Francisco. The option was still in use when the 49ers played Los Angeles in the first meeting of the year. The play above went for nine yards and a first down. The 49ers sell the run with a fullback in motion and the offensive line appearing to down-block left. This causes the Rams defense to bite on the run, leaving a tight end on a crossing route unattended. Ebukam Samson does his job by not overcommitting to the run. But he’s helpless against the play-action and San Francisco gets a solid gain. The 49ers kept the Rams on their heels with another play disguise. Another man is put in motion, which took a Rams’ defender out of the left side of the field. This allowed the 49ers’ Joe Staley to kick outside and take out a Marcus Peters for the big run, which was a toss left on a fake sweep right. Learning quickEventually, the San Francisco offense gets figured out. Defenses catch their breath, learn what’s going on and adapt to the situation. San Francisco’s offense in Garoppolo’s absence is like a firework — short-lived excitement. It’s why the team is 4-11 at this point in the season and why the scoring offense is near the bottom of the league (red-zone offense is dead-last). The play above is identical to the very first play shown in this piece, except it’s run on the left side of the field. While the Bears send a linebacker on the blitz Todd Gurley Jersey Elite , they pick up Mullens’ drop back again. The remaining linebackers stay home and run towards the target. While Marquise Goodwin makes the 7-yard catch, there is no YAC. This was a similar play-action pass with a man in motion (to remove a defender in the target space). But this time, everyone does their job and doesn’t bite on the misdirection. Take John Johnson, for example (top left). He picks up the tight end on the crossing route immediately off the snap and stays with him for the eventual interception. This has been a nightmare season for the 49ers. They’ve been plagued with injuries and could do only so much with the guys they had on their roster. Mullens is a great story and he will likely be a good depth quarterback in the future, whether it be in San Francisco or elsewhere. The Los Angeles Rams travel to take on the Denver Broncos in the Mile High City. The Rams escaped a tough divisional matchup with the Seattle Seahawks while the Broncos got embarrassed by the New York Jets. The Broncos enter with a 2-3 record with great talent on both sides of the ball. Here are some of the key players looking to prevent the Rams from going on to 6-0.EDGE Von MillerPerhaps the player Grandpa Wade misses most, Von Miller continues to show why he is a dominant force in his 8th season. Miller has 14 total tackles with four sacks and two forced fumbles. A havock off the edge, Tackles Rob Havenstein and Andrew Whitworth will have their hands full.QB Case KeenumThe Broncos wanted to desperately improve their quarterback situation and went out to get Keenum. A former Ram who was “top 10 in some metrics” according to Rams GM Les Snead , Keenum has had a rough start to the season with more interceptions than touchdowns and a rough QBR of 33.2 (50 is league average). Keenum does have a respectable 63.5 completion percentage but also has three fumbles to go with his seven interceptions. After a rough showing against Seattle, the Rams secondary will try to get back on track and limit Keenum.RB Phillip LindsayWhen the Broncos used a draft pick on RB Royce Freeman from Oregon, many expected him to lead the team in rushing. Instead, the emergence of undrafted local free agent Phillip Lindsay has created a two-back system. Lindsay actually leads the Broncos in rushing attempts (57) and yards (328) along with a strong 5.8 yards per carry average. Lindsay also is a bit more of a pass catching threat with eight receptions for the season. After the Rams let Seattle RBs run roughshod on them, the front seven wants to show that last week was a fluke.ILB Todd DavisA favorite of TST, ILB Todd Davis leads the Broncos in tackles with 34 total tackles. Davis also has half a sack while helping lock down the middle of the defense with Pro Bowl LB Brandon Marshall. Davis has been dealing with a shoulder injury but is expected to try and slow the potent Rams offense down.WR Emmanuel SandersAfter a tough season in 2017 with subpar quarterbacks throwing to him, Sanders is off to a much better start in 2018 with 33 receptions for 386 yards. Sanders continues to be reliable for the Broncos and hopes to get back to 1 ,000 yards receiving after failing to do so last season. Sanders is chomping at the bit to take on Rams CBs Troy Hill and less than 100% Marcus Peters.

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