All in one computer won't turn on

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All in one computer won't turn on

Messagepar faelanstevie » Mar 03 Avr 2018, 2:17 pm


I have a all in one desktop computer for my business. Probably not the best one to have for the job, but it works! Until we put it to sleep one night. Came in the following day moved the mouse to wake up and nothing happened. So I unplugged it held the power button for 30 sec to drain the power and do a clean reset but still nothing. However- the back light comes on when plugged in, the top power button comes on and when I do pushthe power button I can hear the fan come on as well as the hard drive work. But agin nothing else power/lights to mouse or keyboard lights to the Ethernet port even back to my switch! I've since bough a new computer but would like to get this computer back up and going just for the hell of it! Anyone out there know what's going on with it?

Please help.

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