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KAMPALA Discount Nike React Element 87 Womens , March 3 (Xinhua) -- Uganda's star badminton player Edwin Ekiring has regained his top ranking in the African continent.

The Netherlands-based player who lost the top rank three months ago to South Africa's Jacob Maliekal, is now 93rd in the world and first in Africa, according to the latest rankings by the Badminton World Federation.

According to the rankings released on Thursday, Ekiring who lost out in the second round of the 2016 Uganda International Open Championship last weekend Discount Nike React Element 87 , now has 20,150 points, while his rival Maliekal has 20,122 points.

The South African dropped by 10 places after several points were deducted for failing to retain the Uganda Open title he won in 2014.

Simon Mugabi Cheap Nike React Element 87 Online , the Chief Executive Officer of the Uganda Badminton Association told Xinhua that they are happy Ekiring has regained his lead.

"He will have to keep working hard as he targets qualification for the 2016 Olympic Games," said Mugabi.

China's Chen Long maintains his top position, while Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia is second and Japan's Kento Momota third.

In the women's rankings, African players Kate Foo Kune of Mauritius Cheap Nike React Element 87 Green , Grace Gabriel of Nigeria and Egypt's Hadia Hosny remained among the top 100 players. Kune ranks 69th, while Gabriel and Hosny are 84th and 85th respectively.

Spainish Carolina Marin keeps the top spot in the women's world ranking.

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