A Fix for ProSIM's ATF Engine Games! Windows 10

A Fix for ProSIM's ATF Engine Games! Windows 10

Messagepar faelanstevie » Mar 13 Mars 2018, 7:06 am


There is a problem with the new Windows 10 Content Creator update. The update makes an unpublished change to DirectX that breaks games that use the Armored Task Force engine. The games affected are ATF: Armored Task Force, The Falklands War: 1982, Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War, and The Star and the Crescent.
Luckily, the solution is very simple. Users just need to copy the dplayx.dll file into the folder to which they installed Armored Task Force (or any of the other ATF Engine games). Depending on where the user installed the program, this might require administrator privileges. The file should be in the same directory as the file "ATF.exe." Then simply start the game normally, using any of the shortcuts installed with the game (on the desktop or in the program folder of the Start menu). The game will then run fine.
The Official Product Pages for the ATF Engine games has the file needed for the fix in the download sections of those pages. The file is the same for each of the four games and only needs to be downloaded once.
Let us caution you that this fix is ONLY needed for computers with Windows 10 Content Creator update installed. Other operating systems do not need (and should not use) this fix?

Please help.

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