VIP wins ATF Cup 4

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VIP wins ATF Cup 4

Messagepar LittleLama » Jeu 10 Juil 2014, 8:40 am

After one month of tenacious battles, here they are, 1st of all of 16th teams in the cup, the danish boys of Image VIP Gaming !
Final players too, who has given us great and brave final match, the Image eXerTuS, international team with lot of accents, comes second in the cup.
Finally, on the third place, the italian guys of Image octavia Centurion, ends the cup before the frenchies of the Delta Force.

We really want to thank you all, teams, every players for your fair-play, your rallying, and your help during the whole tournament. We wish you all good holidays and to see you soon ! :thumbsup:

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