ATF's BF4 8vs8 ladder openning

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ATF's BF4 8vs8 ladder openning

Messagepar LittleLama » Jeu 16 Jan 2014, 11:52 pm

Born from teams which wanted to play 8vs8 matchs with ATF's rules, in a competitive spirit, waited for almost one year long, here it comes :

The ATF ladder !

Subscriptions to this BF4 Conquest ladder, fair-play certified, are open here and matchs can begin between participants !
Here are the ladder rules ...

Matchs will take place on Battlefield 4 on Conquest 8vs8 Normal mode according to ATF's matchs rules.
They are available whenever you need here :

Challenges will necessarily be sent with our BFWars unit, and results will be reported and confirmed on it too, in order that the matchs will be considered in the ladder rankings.

Simplified scoring scale (subject to change during the ladder when teams will be enough) :
  • Per won match, winner team wins 2 points.
  • Per draw match, both teams win 1 point.
  • Per loss, loser team don't win any point.
  • In case of no-show (a full team don't present itself at match on time+15min), defaulting team lose 1 point, while the other one don't win any point.
  • In case of forfeit (a team leaves the match before the end), defaulting team don't loose any point while the other wins 2 points.

When participants will be 10, ELO scoring scale will be activated to gives better ranking movements..

Ladder and subscriptions are there :

GERONIMO ! GG HF and GL ! :gunsmilie:

Note: if you see any mistake in my english, thank you to and please notify me by private message, or mail, or whatever you want.

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